Northwoods Church Tallahassee

We were excited to work with Northwoods Church in Tallahassee, Florida in helping them with a new layout and site organization, and finishing off their new Squarespace website with a fresh, clean look. Beck X Co loves to share with it’s clients how easy it is to maintain their new site by offering free training. The blog function was the primary piece of the puzzle in organizing sermons. By tagging and categorizing each post, you can filter your information into summaries, making it user-friendly to search through your content.

Sharon Historical Society

Websites help connect you with your audience in an important way. The Sharon Historical Society took advantage of the Squarespace platform in order to provide a resource to their current members and reach new ones. Beck X Co also helped the society start an interactive map highlighting important historical sites through Google MyMaps.

The organization also needed a logo. Based on an original bicentennial design, Beck X Co partner Erin Long was able to produce a fresh update to the design to be used as the organizations logo.

Be sure to check out their website in the coming weeks as new features will soon be added such as a shop and online membership.


Beck X Co works with clients on a spectrum of website confidence. iHealthPotential is an example of where Beck X Co can be used on as a consultant, rather than the primary developer. If you are even slightly comfortable with the Sqaurespace platform Beck X Co can help with some of the complexities you may not be familiar with and offer guidance on composition, layout and other best practices.

Greenville Area Chamber of Commerce

The Greenville Area Chamber of Commerce website was updated to this fresh new look with all the bells and whistles Squarespace has to offer. The website was part of a total overhaul Ben worked on while employed as manager at the Chamber of Commerce. The site was built with launching a new membership program and new benefits in mind. Although Ben is no longer employed at the Chamber, Beck X Co still works with the administrative staff on site improvements.