Greenville Area Public Library

The Greenville Library is entering this new year with a new, fresh website. Beck X Co was happy to work with the library in creating a dynamic site that is easy to navigate and that gives you the information you are looking for with as few clicks as possible. Select staff were then trained to work with the Squarespace platform and found it easy to add events, announcements and new arrivals!

Websites Soon to Launch!

Beck X Co currently has 4 new Squarespace websites in the works, all of which will be soon launching early 2019. What a great way to start the new year with a new website!

The Crossroads Christian Fellowship website has been one of the largest web endeavors Beck X Co has experience thus far. This pro bono site has massive amounts of content to transfer and organize from the current website. This new fresh look is also easy to navigate, connecting many listeners to sermons and bible studies.

Magnum Opus XI is a personal blog who’s author is a mother of 11. Her focus is to reach out to other large family mothers sharing her years of experience.

The Greenville Area Public Library will be upgrading the look in the new year. With improved features and a clean new look, the library looks to better connect to their community online.

Beck X Co is helping launch another personal blog next year - Study in the Word with Dave Ruhl. Squarespace was the perfect platform for Dave to connect with his audience around the world.