Fresh Grounds Coffehouse & Sans MOCO Gallery

The Fresh Grounds Coffeehouse & Sans MOCO Gallery site was created while Ben was employed by Downtown Ministries, the parent company. From 2010 to 2013 Ben worked on developing marketing materials and eventually creating a website on Squarespace to house the many different programs Downtown Ministries has to offer (featuring the coffeehouse). Ben also has worked on major advertising projects such as the DTM Calendar and Desire To Serve Magazine. The featured photographs used on the site were taken by Dr. Kevin Smith. Beck X Co still regularly helps with content development and website updates.


This is a poster example from the branding and marketing project for the R 12:2 Conference.

Conference Display Banner

This Banner was created with the Fresh Grounds aesthetic in mind. It is used at presentations and conferences as a tool to showcase the various programs offered through Downtown Ministries.


This is an example of creative photography solutions offered for various marketing purposes. This particular photograph was taken to pair with an article describing the patio project and is a documentation of the demolition process.

Campaign Design

When Fresh Grounds was in need of a new roof, it was campaign time. I developed the campaign slogan and images and designed all marketing materials for the campaign. Fresh Grounds has had a nice new roof for years now.