Northwoods Church Tallahassee

We were excited to work with Northwoods Church in Tallahassee, Florida in helping them with a new layout and site organization, and finishing off their new Squarespace website with a fresh, clean look. Beck X Co loves to share with it’s clients how easy it is to maintain their new site by offering free training. The blog function was the primary piece of the puzzle in organizing sermons. By tagging and categorizing each post, you can filter your information into summaries, making it user-friendly to search through your content.

Riverchapel Financial

Riverchapel Financial is a new financial services and consulting firm that Beck X Co worked with on launching a clean website deriving it’s aesthetic from both their logo, but also the concept of “Small Town Firm. Big City Service.”

Sharon Historical Society

Websites help connect you with your audience in an important way. The Sharon Historical Society took advantage of the Squarespace platform in order to provide a resource to their current members and reach new ones. Beck X Co also helped the society start an interactive map highlighting important historical sites through Google MyMaps.

The organization also needed a logo. Based on an original bicentennial design, Beck X Co partner Erin Long was able to produce a fresh update to the design to be used as the organizations logo.

Be sure to check out their website in the coming weeks as new features will soon be added such as a shop and online membership.

Hope Endured

Are you looking to share your experiences? Do you have a story to tell and an audience to reach? Blogging is a great way to start and Squarespace is the perfect platform to use. Beck X Co assisted Hope Endured (Lindsay Rzetelny) in launching a space where her story can be shared in an engaging way. Her soft launch is just the beginning. Follow her on Facebook and Instagram. Keep a look out for new posts weekly!

Kalchthaler Insurance Agency

Beck X Co was happy to help Kalchthaler Insurance with a new, fresh and condensed website, all at an affordable and competitive price. A feature that stood out for our client was the powerful built-in analytics that are provided through the Squarespace platform. When you have access to robust feedback, like what is provided through a squarespace website, you are able to make better connections with your customers and audience. Check out their new site and if you are in the market for insurance, request a quote today!

Beck And Bowser, or Bowser And Beck

The Beck And Bowser, or Bowser And Beck website was a personal project of Beck X Co lead designer, Ben Beck. The unique friendship and roommateship of Chris Bowser and Ben Beck lead to conversations worth sharing. The design of this website is specifically tailored for a desired aesthetic - retro dual. The site has flexibility for future growth, thanks to the dynamic Squarespace platform.

Greenville Area Public Library

The Greenville Library is entering this new year with a new, fresh website. Beck X Co was happy to work with the library in creating a dynamic site that is easy to navigate and that gives you the information you are looking for with as few clicks as possible. Select staff were then trained to work with the Squarespace platform and found it easy to add events, announcements and new arrivals!

Sound Mind Studio

Website turn around is as quick as the availability of content and assets - meaning, when Beck X Co works with clients in producing a new site, the amount of time it takes to fully launch depends on whether or not the client has taken the time to develop their content. Beck X Co worked with Sound Mind Studio in launching their site for the quickest turn around to date. The client did their homework, they thought through their services, they had all their images ready and even produced their own branding and logo. Check out Sound Mind Studio!

Crossroads Christian Fellowship

2019 started with the launch of a major Beck X Co project, the Crossroads Christian Fellowship website. Over several months, Beck X Co imported and organized hundreds of sermons, bible studies, and classes from 2007 to present in order to provide the client with a fresh new look without loosing any history that had been built over years on their previous site. This site is a perfect example of how the Squarespace blog and summary functions can help organize large amounts of content.

Websites Soon to Launch!

Beck X Co currently has 4 new Squarespace websites in the works, all of which will be soon launching early 2019. What a great way to start the new year with a new website!

The Crossroads Christian Fellowship website has been one of the largest web endeavors Beck X Co has experience thus far. This pro bono site has massive amounts of content to transfer and organize from the current website. This new fresh look is also easy to navigate, connecting many listeners to sermons and bible studies.

Magnum Opus XI is a personal blog who’s author is a mother of 11. Her focus is to reach out to other large family mothers sharing her years of experience.

The Greenville Area Public Library will be upgrading the look in the new year. With improved features and a clean new look, the library looks to better connect to their community online.

Beck X Co is helping launch another personal blog next year - Study in the Word with Dave Ruhl. Squarespace was the perfect platform for Dave to connect with his audience around the world.

Custom Corner Printing

The Custom Corner Printing website was built by Ben while employed by the print company as Marketing Director. The site was creating using the Squarespace platform and transformed the e-commerce experience for its customers. Ben also help usher the company into using Trello for its custom order processes from beginning to end. During this time Ben also overhauled the Quickbooks and POS systems to streamline processes for the employees. They continue to utilize these updates today.


Beck X Co works with clients on a spectrum of website confidence. iHealthPotential is an example of where Beck X Co can be used on as a consultant, rather than the primary developer. If you are even slightly comfortable with the Sqaurespace platform Beck X Co can help with some of the complexities you may not be familiar with and offer guidance on composition, layout and other best practices.

Greenville Area Community Theater

The Greenville Area Community Theater has been around for nearly 40 years. It was long overdue that the organization should have a website. Ben is a board member and was able to provide the group with a robust website pro bono on the Squarespace platform. The site uses an Eventbrite iframe to allow for online ticket purchasing. Beck X Co also produces posters, programs and developed the logo and branding for GACT.

The summer 2017 production of Blame It On The Movies wanted to nod at Greenville’s former Jordan Theater. The poster integrated these elements.

Examples of the logo development.