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Why Squarespace?

Squarespace leads in beautiful and thoughtfully designed framework that incorporates cutting edge UI/UX best practices, which means you will have the best of the best in “form and function” baked right in. Mobile traffic now accounts for more than half of all website traffic. With that in mind, it’s critical that websites perform across any device and screen size. Squarespace includes a unique mobile experience that matches the overall style of the website, so content will look great on every device, every time.

Squarespace is a self-contained platform, which means no updates in software, and only in certain circumstances will you need plugins or widgets.

An All-In-One Platform
Email campaigns. SEO optimizations. In-site photo editor. Podcasting. Social Media integrations. E-Commerce integrations. Robust analytics. And more!

A cut above the rest
Our team has experience with a variety of other hosts, and nothing compares to Squarespace.

Pricing For Any Budget
The Squarespace Business Tier, which most users use, has an annual hosting cost of $216 when billed annually. This tier includes the following:

  1. Unlimited Bandwidth and Storage

  2. Mobile-Optimized Website

  3. Website Metrics

  4. Free Custom Domain

  5. SSL Security Included

  6. 24/7 Customer Support

  7. Limited to 2 Contributors

  8. Advanced Website Metrics

  9. Unlimited Contributors

  10. Professional email from Google

  11. $100 Google Ads Credit

  12. Fully Integrated E-Commerce

  13. Sell Unlimited Products & Accept Donations

  14. 3% Transaction Fee (through Stripe)

  15. Mobile Information Bar

  16. Complete Customization Through CSS and JavaScript

  17. Premium Blocks and Integrations – such as code injection

  18. Announcement Bar

Ease Of Use
Our user experience is seamless. Its simple drag-and-drop functionality means you can make edits with no coding required. Everything you need is built into Squarespace.

Exceptional Customer Care
Squarespace Customer Care is available 24/7, is friendly, and works diligently to find a solution to any problem. Customer Care Advisors work closely with engineers and product managers, so they know their stuff.

High Design, Low Maintenance
With Squarespace, you can build beautiful websites without worrying about plugins or stability. There are no security updates or patches to worry about.