What is community?

Community isn't as abstract a noun as you may think. Community isn't just a noun either. Community refers to a people -  making it more concrete than abstract. Community only happens through action, making it somewhat of a verb. You will not have a community if it is passive. Community breaks down and ceases to be viable through passivity and apathy. 

Community is the most valuable asset of the Greenville area. When we no longer actively participate in our community, all sense of it disappears and it's time to move. I firmly believe Greenville looses viability when we lose a hold on what it means to be a community. Get engaged through the many organizations that provide opportunities for you to become an active participant in community.

The Greenville Area Chamber of Commerce is an association of business people concerned about improving the area in which they do business.  We are a not-for-profit organization.  Our strength lies in the number and diversity of our membership.  Both large and small businesses from virtually every profession are represented and influence the direction of the Chamber's programs.  These programs are financed by membership investments. If your business does not belong to our local chamber, consider joining today.

The Greenville Symphony Orchestra was founded in 1929 and continued to provide a quality symphonic experience for the Greenville area. When folks learn that Greenville has a symphony orchestra, they are often surprised... wait till you hear and watch them perform.

The Good Shepherd Center is a multi denominational ministry established in 1991 to be of service to the economically challenged of the greater Greenville community. The Center shows concern for all individuals who enter our doors regardless of creed, race, nationality or lifestyle. 

Downtown Ministries Mission is To reach hearts and impact lives within our community with the love of Christ by providing opportunities for salvation and Christian growth in a place where God's presence is tangibly felt. Downtown Ministries engages the community through building relationships via: Fresh Grounds Coffeehouse, Sans MOCO Gallery & Atelier, His Work His Way, Lighthouse Ministry, Neighbor to Neighbor, Keystone Bibles, & more.

This non-profit organizations mission is to enrich the community through the revitalization of the parks in Greenville. The creation of this group is a prime example of how important community involvement and dedication is, especially when our local governments are no longer able to provide such services.


Become an active, aware and educated member of the community by serving in your local government. There are a number of commissions and committees that you can serve on. Volunteerism on the civic level allows you to gain perspective and help communicate important issues to your neighbors and fellow community members.

The Mercer County Trails Association, Inc. was formed with the primary purpose of developing and maintaining multipurpose trails in Mercer County, Pennsylvania, for public use, exclusively for charitable purposes. MCTA is currently in the process of completing The Shenango River Trail. The Shenango Trail will run from Greenville on the west side of the Shenango River and follow the abandoned Erie and Pittsburgh Branch of the Pennsylvania Railroad north to Jamestown and the Pymatuning State Park area.

The mission of the Greenville Area Historical Society is to create an awareness and an appreciation of the history of the Greenville area and its people. You can visit one of three museums in the network: The Waugh House, The Railroad Park Museum, and the Canal Museum.

The Consolidation Consortium is a non-partisan group of citizens from Mercer County who believe it is important to maintain local control by making school districts more: efficient, effective, affordable and equitable. 

The Greenville Area Community Theater is a local non-profit organization dedicated to providing annual theatrical presentations of the highest possible quality, showcasing local talent to the community. The organization is also dedicated to providing an enjoyable theatrical experience for all who participate, whether on stage, being the scenes, or in the audience. I enjoy serving on the GACT board and contribute in graphic design, web design, marketing and advertising capacities.

Working together, the Shenango River Watchers (SRW) members, volunteers and donors have made SRW an award-winning organization. Our projects include environmental education, river and aquatic life research, cleanup and recycling as well as creating recreational opportunities. 

Exit Society is a new local social group dedicated to actively rejecting mainstream concepts and propaganda, through thorough research and analysis of worldviews.