Adding and maintaining permissions is easy! First follow the steps below to get to the permissions menu.

Step 1

Click Settings on the main back-end navigation.


Step 2

Click Permissions on the Settings navigation menu.


step 3.1

Be sure to uncheck Allow Non-Admins to Purchase Assets if you do not wish Editors or Store Managers to have this ability.


Step 3.2

Click the Invite Contributor button.


Step 4

Giver permissions to a new contributor. Enter their name and email address in the fields provided. Check any permission this contributor should have access to. Descriptions are provided below each permission listing. Note: Contributors who are given “Administrator” and “Store Manager” will received email notifications on orders and donations (including dollar amounts).



Click SAVE. An email will be sent to the email your provided for the contributor. They will be prompted to complete their access by providing a unique password. If your new contributor does not receive an email from Squarespace, it will likely be found in a spam folder.